New Way to Shop, and More Exciting Stories Coming Soon

First of all, I would like to thank all of you guys for supporting my work. None of my galleries and stories would be done without you, and even if I can pull it off, without you, it wouldn’t mean anything. I’m privileged to have people around the world that enjoy and appreciate my work. It’s ultimate incentive to try do more, and better.

Last November was one of my most productive month since I started the pledge and site. I got two premium set released, and it felt quite some achievement for me. I was always unsure if I can do that, but the latest set that I put out just at the very end of November, proved that with good balance between regular days work and renders, it can be done.

Now, I’m working for December premium set as well as the fantasy set I promised couple of months ago. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to be as productive this month as well.

Ok, now move on the other topic. If you look closely, on some product I displayed on the site, now there is a ‘Direct Purchase’ button. It’s not that actually you purchased it directly from me, but I thought it would be nice to have alternatives to get some of my product – for those of you who didn’t or couldn’t buy it on affiliate stores. The button processed your purchased via BMT Micro, and I think they are more than qualified to handle your credit cards.

In fact, I was thinking to have a subscription system working via BMT Micro as well, so it would run in tandem with Patreon. The amount of subscription and what you get will be entirely the same, as this is going to be alternative for you who doesn’t want Patreon thingy.

What you think?

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. As a reward ( 😛 ), I gathered few renders of Leann, Nadine and Katelyn back in the day when they’re having fun at the beach. It’s a bit sad seeing how Katelyn is so happy with her sister on these images though. I missed her a lot.. ;(







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  • Wow, great to see the girls together again! 😀 They look so sexy in their bikinis; beautiful! 🙂

    In regards to the store options, IMO the more the better. 🙂

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