The Heat Major Updates and December Free Wallpaper

I know this update should come sooner, but it’s not until recently I realized that there is major flaws on The Heat poses set.

As I just started making poses with little to no guide from experts, I made a big mistake by not starting the pose from the hip. The effect, all the dials that I put on the main characters axis making the poses aren’t so versatile at all. Lack of patience on testing also had its share on this.

For instance, after applying a pose, sometimes we need to rotate the figure a bit to adjust with the environment or camera angle. With my mistakes attached, it’s impossible to do it, as the figure would go crazy even if you just rotate the y-axis.

So this update is quite huge in terms of work, since I have to reset all the axis on the main characters to zero, and start adjusting again from the hip, which is a nightmare.

Nonetheless, I’m happy that this was done, and while some have to wait for the update to appear on Renderotica, you can also directly purchased the updated set from this page.

December Free Wallpaper

I was thinking to make a cheerful wallpaper for the holiday, and as the story of Katelyn becoming more critical, I chose her again to be the star of this month wallpaper. It’s not quite cheerful, but I think it’s interesting. What do you think is on the gift box? 😀



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