March 2016 Free Wallpaper

No excuses, I failed miserably last month. My attempt to quickly gathered some cash by accepting more web jobs backfired, and I almost lost the entire project of MaxSmeagol.

I was pushing my limit doing projects, with no to little time for my machine being alone, and ended up fried my main drive. It was a huge blow, because even I got some important things on backup, I didn’t prepared for this.

The results, I’m scrambling around to fulfill the deadlines and the tedious process of re-installing everything again. I managed to get most of them back, but unfortunately, I lost around 10% of MaxSmeagol. Lots of old files gone, and some newer ones. But Leann and co were survived.

Thank God!

So I’ve been throttling the machine with more caution now, but I need to up my pace really soon. I got so much ideas and stories for you, and I got promises to fulfill as well.

In the meanwhile, Alex just started on her work to track the bad guys that kept Katelyn out of sunlight for some time. It’s gonna be interesting!



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