The Cloud Temple and Future Plans

The first commercial set of 2016 is out, and I’m very very happy about it. 8 months is definitely a long time, but between monthly comic sets and daily jobs, I’d have to tell you that I’ve improved a lot in some technical areas.

The i5 3570K attached in the new rig was a definite booster, since it cuts render times quite a lot on most scenes.ย The grunt and sheer power is very noticeable especially on outdoor scenes, but the 4 cores limitation still has problems on indoors setup.

So, have you get your copy of Cloud Temple? If you haven’t, head straight to the link on first paragraph, and get one. And if you had, what do you think of Ava’s first appearance?

I know I’ve been referring her as ‘Lara’ all the time in the previews on Patreon and else. But copyrights can lead to problems, and I decide to gave her a new name for the release. Besides, she will have her own stories and background as well, although I will keep some similarities and likeness to Lara Croft.

For the future releases, I plan to expand the adventurous little world of Ava. You might see her against some other elves, monsters or even human! ๐Ÿ˜›

August is rolling up, and I have this month’s wallpaper ready for you, guys. The comic set is still in the works, but I’ll sneak a few preview on Patreon during completion. Hint: It’ll be fun!

So, enjoy the free wallpaper below (and Leann’s ass) and for patrons, you know where to get yours.. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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