I’m Max.

As a pervert, I stumbled across CG erotica around 5 years ago. I was browsing around Renderotica, and found this guy, Masat, who made me search for my jaw across the room. I never knew who he was, in part because I know nothing about this field, as I thought you need some God-ly skills to do it.

And then around a year ago, I met Daz Studio. It’s a free download, so I quickly grabbed it, and see what I can accomplish with it. Surprisingly, Daz suits me very well. In honesty, maybe this remarks was because I never knew Poser at all.

So the journey went pretty smooth. I was ‘ok’ on 3Delight, but not spectacular. And it all changed when I saw Reality plugin for Luxrender. That’s when I found my ‘style’, and I realized people loved the results.

I’ve been planning and planning to do some real CG erotica, but my incomplete skills hold me off to do it. Along the way, I pushed for more pinups (heck, who doesn’t love pinups) and try to learn from all other great artist.

Blackadder, Gazukull, Erogenesis, KristinF are many among other great artist that influencing my approach. It was just a hobby for me, but now I’m raising the bar. This is serius.

As you can see on my work, I’m a bit of drama guy. I loved porn, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes a good story behind it always seal the deal. Those great artists characters and plots always leave me in awe. It’s one of my serious incompetence, but I’m working on it.

This site is one of my attempts to reach wider audience. Thanks for KristinF for always supporting me, and even fixed my broken english. Also Loki, for his words of encouragements, and Damn3D, for his fabulous skills and generosity.

I really appreciate your time for stopping by and read this nonsense. Still, I hope your visit worth it.


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