Jerome Williams

Jerome is 25 years old, born and raised in New Orleans. He’s the oldest of three,┬áspent most of his youth cruising around with his friends on a skateboard. And picking up girls.

He chose not to go for a college and preferred to embrace his interests on physical activities and pretty girls, by moving to California. He has a good looking presence and well-shaped body, along with hilarious personality, and very much self confident.

He’s been on and off relationships with multiple girls, but when he saw Leann at her store, he pretty much aim high and set her as his ultimate target. He works his way slowly, and now working on Leann’s store as the stock guy.

Unexpectedly, his presence on the store has drawn another eyes than Leann. The store cashier, Sarah, has been flirting with him for a while. And as you might expect, Jerome couldn’t help but respond to her invitation.

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