Katelyn Cassidy

Katelyn is a 22 year old girl from Cork, Ireland. She’s the younger sister of Leann, they both moved to America when she was only 6. Her parents’ divorce affected her so much, that she has become more introverted and has developed unpredictable personality.

She bonds better with Kieran, her younger brother, than with Leann. But Leann’s controlling aura made her submissive, and she decided to follow her to California. Katelyn is the manager in the fashion store owned by Leann.

Her quiet manner and spectacles, often leads to her being underestimated. Although only 170 cm tall, Katelyn has a marked resemblance to Leann, while admittedly lacking a little in charm. The fact that Leann is seen as a sex-icon amongst men, always leaves her feeling uncomfortable.

But behind all the weaknesses, Katelyn possesses an incredible ability to focus, and solve problems. Lately, Katelyn was very disturbed with regular presence of Nadine – Leann’s best friend – in the store.

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