Lauren Chamberlain

Lauren is 24 years old girl from Lawrence, Kansas. She was a pretty ordinary high school girl; she studied often, had regular outings with her friends, everything seemed normal until the day she was introduced to sex by her first boyfriend.

As things heated up between them, before he could pop the cherry she claimed she wasn’t ready for it and asked him to wait until she was ready to continue. Soon, before the final exams her boyfriend had left her.

She was strong enough to hold on and continue to work hard through her exams, and successfully passed with flying colours. This left a scar on Lauren’s mind although, and would slowly eat away at her mind and body, and eventually consume her with a powerful lust for sex.

Now, Lauren seeks a man who can satisfy the needs she so could have had years ago. But now it may be too late, as Lauren might have become a sexual predator too powerful for any man to match.

Lauren; now works at an adult store as a sales assistant. She’s close with Jerome and Charlie, both are regular customers. She’s also well aware of Katelyn from her regular presence on the store.

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