Leann Cassidy

Leann was born in Cork, Ireland, 25 years ago. Her father is a local Irish, while her mother is American – and worked in the US embassy. Leann moved with her mother and all siblings back to Seattle at the age of 9, after her parents divorced. She has a younger sister, Katelyn and a younger brother, Kieran.

Leann grew up as a bright star at school and college. She’s always craving activity, and thus it makes her skillful in very broad range of subjects. She’s so active that sometimes, her mother worried she had ADD. Although suffering for her lack of focus, she’s very decisive. And that becoming key factor of her relationship with her mother, and siblings.

At 180 cm tall, a fit body and pretty face, Leann is very much an eye-magnet. Her down-to-earth personality, and her cheerfulness becoming her trademark. She’s a dream-girl icon among her male friends. Lots of love has been offered, but Leann managed to reject no one, somehow.

Now living in California, Leann runs her own fashion store with her sister, Katelyn.

Lately, Leann made a surprising move with her relationship with Luis, a local guy. Although not much of a good-looking guy, Leann found enough reason for Luis to be her first ‘official’ boyfriend.

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