Luis Aguilar

Not much known about Luis and his background, except that he is short and not particularly good looking. This 28 year-old man was born in beautiful beach town of Callela, Catalonia. He moved in the US by himself on age 18, eventually made his way up and residing in California as software engineer.

Luis was also known by few as main lingerie distributor, hence his wealth. Although pretty much an introvert, his honest and direct personality keep him up and well-respected among his peers. He is popular among his friends because of the rare politeness he carries on daily, but kept the distance with them from his loner tendency.

He was on and off with several girls in the past, mostly pretty girls. Even though not all girls were after his wealth, he took a while to learned that his appearance and size of his genital were contributed more for his girls unfaithfulness.

He met Leann in the early days of her store, offering a contract for a lingerie supply. He never meet her much after that, but the glow of Leann’s personality stay intact with him. Lately, he felt the urge of trying his luck with Leann, and surprisingly, Leann welcomed it with both hands.

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