Nadine Wagner

Nadine is 22-year-old girl from Oakland, California. She was born from a wealthy and liberal family. Her father was a Swiss-native and a well-known photographer who later also influenced her to modelling and photography in a very early age.

She spent most of her teenager in Long Beach, where she lives now. Nadine pursued architectural degree in college, but only to find her desire to do modelling outweigh her education. Her pretty face and fit body boost her modelling career, regarded as one of the most high-paid bikini model in California.

Nadine is a typical beach girl  – easy going, carefree and always find something to laugh at. She met Leann when strolling around her store, and they became best friends ever since. She would hang out in the store from time to time and attract significant male customers due to her popularity.

She is also developing an unusual passion for Katelyn, Leann’s little sister. Although she wasn’t sure how to react about it, her affection and caring attitude to Katelyn seems a bit excessive.

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