Sarah Álvarez

Sarah is 27 years old girl from Santa Ana, California. She was born and raised in strict Spanish family, with a little chance of socialize and interact with other people. The outcome, she suffered from a low self-esteem problem during her teen, and that makes her facing a lot of difficulties in school, and after.

Fortunately, the wave changed when she grow a bit older. As a young woman, she has beautiful curvy body that every man can dream of. A pair of large-size breast also serve as her assets, complimenting her already fine latina girl looks.

But that doesn’t mean she went off the roof and being sleazy with her sexual assets. Her past experiences taught her a lot of lessons about men, and what they really want. She looks a bit timid, but she’s learning her way to be more social and attractive in term of personality – and set Leann as her idol.

She works at Leann’s fashion store as the cashier and attendant, along side Katelyn for much of her time. Lately, she fell in love for the first time with Leann’s stock guy, Jerome.

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