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So How Does This Work?

While most of the artwork posted in this site is free for public, but I offer special artworks and galleries for people who want to support me directly by being my hero on Patreon. It’s very easy, you can support me for as little as $1 and as much as $50. But please remember, only $5 patrons and above will get premium member access, and unlimited downloads of premium gallery. In short, here’s what you will get:

$1 support each month

You will get up to 10 selected images from premium gallery content in my site each month. I plan to present premium gallery at least once a month (with a possibility of 2 galleries each month), with amount of 20 images in average per gallery. I will carefully selected 10 images from this gallery, and deliver it to you through Patreon. If you want it to sent to your email address for your convenience, just drop me your email when you pledge. Don’t forget to whitelist my email address on your spam setting, and I will make sure it will be delivered each month.

$5 support each month

For $5 support each month, you will have a login pass for premium member area, and unlimited view and download of all my premium galleries. You will also get access to download full HD 1920 x 1080 explicit wallpaper each month, usually a depict of galleries coming on next month. Oh, and there’s another bonus too! After three months of successful support/pledge you are entitled of a free copy of my commercial set!

$15 support each month

Along with all perks of $5 support, you are entitled of a free copy of my commercial set, even before it hits the stores! Win!

$50 support each month

You rules! You will got all what I’m offering on premium tiers, and also eligible for 1 piece of commission artwork per month. Whatever your dreams, just choose up to two members of my cast to make it reality.

For how Patreon works, it’s simple. You can get list of their features here.

Any Other Way? I’m not really into Patreon..

Yes, there is.

I also accept PayPal. Since PayPal have strict rules about my kind of artwork, I suggest you to contact me so I can send you direct instruction. Everything else (what you spent and get) is just the same.

You can contact me at

Liked what you see?

While all updates I post here are mostly free, but by being premium members, you support me directly to delivering more artworks and you will also gain access to Premium Members section of the site. Premium Members will get exclusive access of extra images to download (up to additional 10 images per set) and special full HD wallpaper each month by supporting me on Patreon.